How it works

Parent Gym is a course of six 2-hour workshops with ‘missions’ to complete in between each one. Each ‘gym’ has up to 20 parents and one Parent Gym Coach.

Each week’s session is devoted to a different topic and comes with its own unique Parent Gym magazine packed with practical tips.  The highly participative sessions explore a vast range of questions such as: How long can a child concentrate for? What happens if they bully other children? What can I do to get them eating vegetables?  The diagram shows the topics covered in our five week programme.

The programme has been run in Belfast and London, in nurseries, secondary schools, a women’s refuge, faith groups, community centres and primary schools.

The results have been impressive everywhere, but the greatest continuous attendance is in well-run primary schools with an enthusiastic Head, where the parents’ natural rhythm of dropping their child off in the morning increases the chances that they will keep coming every week. This is why Parent Gym is now run in primary schools (and adjacent nurseries).

The ‘gym’ sessions are facilitated by our very special Parent Gym volunteer coaches. These are parents who have been trained and rigorously assessed against the five disciplines of The Mind Gym: Credibility, Navigation, Individual focus, Affinity and Spirit.

Our vision is to deliver Parent Gym across the UK but, for now, we are focusing our efforts on the 1,000 primary schools in the most disadvantaged parts of London.

 -How it works