The five disciplines

When we talk about a ‘Parent Gym fit’ we’re talking about our five disciplines. These are five behaviours that we look for in our potential coaches. We go through them in detail in our three-day Parent Gym Academy.

Individual focus

Parents need to feel that the experience is special to them and, at some stage, to get an ‘ah-hah’ moment. So the coach needs to make a personal connection with each member of the group. It may be just using their name or finding a few moments during an exercise to help resolve a personal challenge.


This is the energy to create the va va voom along with the focus that means using fewer, better words.


To make a connection with the whole group so that it feels like we’re all on the same side and we get on – not the instructor or teacher but, if you like, the host of the party.


Keeping everything on track and to time (there’s a lot to get through) and the flow is seamless. If it feels rushed or clunky then the session is not going to deliver.


A credibility that needs to be established not in coffee breaks or breakout groups but in the first few minutes of the session and every time someone asks a question. If the guide is not trusted, the magic will not work.