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 -Parent Gym online

Parent Gym is delighted to be supporting parents as part of the government’s CAN Parent scheme, the Classes & Advice Network. This pilot offers all parents with children under 5 the chance to exchange a special £100 voucher for a parenting course in one of three regions across the UK.

Fourteen providers were awarded the right to deliver programmes after going through a tender process with the Department for Education. As one of these providers, Parent Gym will be offering both face to face and online programmes in Camden only, although we are not accepting a penny of government money for ourselves.

How does it work?

We will redeem the vouchers and give all of the money to our hosting schools and centres, ideally to provide crèches and other ways to encourage parents to take part. If you are a primary or nursery school in Camden who is interested in running PG please click email us at  Parents, take a peek at to see where we're currently running programmes - drop us an email for any more information.

Virtual Parent Gym is a chance to share practical ideas with other parents from the comfort of your own home.  To be a participant in our five 90-minute online sessions all you need is a computer or laptop with internet access, sound output and a microphone (many laptops have these built in).

Why do I need a voucher?

The CAN Parent trial is being rigorously evaluated by the University of Warwick.  For the virtual programmes we will not redeem your £100 vouchers since we are a philanthropic programme, but the CAN Parent voucher serial numbers will be tracked.

To register for our virtual programmes please complete the following form: